Welcome To The Motorious Demo Website

All of the features on this website and a good deal more are provided as standard with every Motorious automotive website package. Feel free to try out the features yourself.

You can even take a look under the bonnet and find out if you would feel comfortable in the driver’s seat. Book your Motorious test drive and demo today.

PLEASE NOTE! This is a vehicle dealers demonstration website. The vehicles on this website are not for sale.

Vehicle Search Tool

Make It Easy For Your Visitors

Allow your users to easily find the vehicle they are looking for. Search by make, model and price range.

The vehicle search tool can be added to any page on your website. It will list all of the makes and models of vehicle that you currently have for sale.

Give it a try now or book a demo and see how everything works on the inside.

Search Vehicles

Self Organising Inventory

Who Wants To Organise Everything Manually?

While the search tool is great for users who know what they are looking for. Many users will want to browse your stock for inspiration.

When you add new vehicles to your website. They are automatically added to your inventory. When search doesn’t fit the bill. Users can also view all of your available vehicles.

You can give vehicles categories, when you add them. Users can then view vehicles by categories of you choice, like car, van or motorcycle. This makes Motorious a good fit for many types of vehicle dealer.

Add your YouTube, Vimeo or Video Files

Video Is King

Attention grabbing, easy to digest and a great way to get your business products and services in front of an audience..

It’s easy to add video to your pages. Your theme comes with page building tools, to help you lay everything out, in a logical and easy to follow manor.

To make it even easier. You can have templates made for you to load and edit as you require. With a little practice. You can easily make templates yourself.

Vehicle Finance Calculator

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can set up the finance calculator with rates that match your lenders. You can then place the vehicle finance calculator on each vehicle page and allow your users to see the estimated monthly cost.

If you want to add your own lenders link, affiliate link or embed code. That’s not a problem either.

Example Calculator:

Calculate Finance For This Vehicle

Price £:
Deposit £:
Total Loan Amount £:
Credit Rating:
   Based on an interest rate of 5.5%. Finance for this vehicle is estimated at 36 payments of £241.57 per month.

Live Chat With Your Potential Buyers

Live Chat

When it comes to turning prospects into buyers. There’s nothing quite like being face to face with your potential client. You cannot do that with your website but we can offer you the next best thing. Your website comes with a free live chat plugin.

This free plugin gives you a basic but fully functional chat system. If you don’t need it. We won’t enable it. If you need a chat plugin with more functionality. The plugin can be upgraded to a premium version.

Live Chat

Freedom To Design & Develop

Motorious comes with a vast array of built in features and options. It even comes packaged with an online store that can be configured to your business needs. A handy feature if you happen to sell products and services, as well as vehicles.

There are far too many features to list here but you can see an overview on our main website’s homepage.

Motorious isn’t just built to save you time. It’s built to save you money too.

Motorious does not restrict you to a small set of templates and colour schemes. You can lay out pages exactly as you want them. You can create templates and page layouts to use again later. This makes it low cost and easy to develop your website further. Better still. It’s up to you how you go about it. You can hire us, appoint someone of your choice and with a little practice, you can easily do it yourself.

Book Your Demo Today & See How Easy It Is To Run Your Vehicle Sales Website With Motorious